To place a bet on any matches, you must first log-in using your account ID and password. If you do not yet have an account with us, please click on the " Register " tab to open your account.


To place a Bet, select the bet type of your choice from the tabs at the left of the page.


Then, click on the Odds numbers corresponding to your selected outcome for that bet type.


A box will appear at the left of your screen now, showing details of your selection, as well as a box. Enter your stakes in this box.

When the player wishes to place a bet using Indonesian Rupiah, the player shall place his bet by eliminating the last three (3) zeros from his desired stake. All bets shall be in multiples of one thousand. For easy reference, please see the following examples:

Desired Amount of StakeAmount to be typed in the Stake Box
10,000,000 IDR 10,000
1,000,000 IDR 1,000
100,000 IDR 100

Once the player types the amount in accordance with the abovementioned rules, the system automatically recognizes that three (3) zeros shall be added to the amount of stake in order to determine the true amount of stake desired by the player.


Double-check all details before clicking on the " Bet " button below the box. If you make any errors, click on the " Clear " button to reset your selections.


Once your click on " Bet " , a new box will pop-out for the reconfirmation of your Bet. Click " OK " to proceed, or " Cancel " to re-enter your stakes.


If you click " OK " , your bet's details will be transmitted to us. You can check the Status of your bet by clicking on the " Bet List " button at the left of your screen.

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